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Please read our FAQ before contacting us as we may have already answered your question.


Is the Earth4Energy membership an on-going fee and area there any other fees at all?

NO. You will only be charged once for your membership and NEVER billed again. Currently you can order the manual and video instructions for only $49.97. There are no hidden costs involved.

I don't live in the U.S, can I still order the Earth4Energy kit?

Yes you can. You can get access to the ebook and videos from anywhere in the world.

After I pay, when will I get my ebook and videos?

You will get instant access to the members area after you pay.

How long do the videos run for?

Part 1 runs for 5 minutes and 10 seconds. Part 2 runs for 4 minutes and 5 seconds

What format are the videos in?

The videos are in flash format which means you can watch them directly through your web browser. There is no need to wait for hours for videos to download. You can start watching the videos in about 1 minute.

The book won't download properly. What can I do?

First try using the alternative download links provided at your members page. If these do not work please try restarting your computer and re-downloading. Make sure you have book marked your members page.

Can you send me a paper copy of the book?

No. The reason why we do not want to send paper copies is because our downloadable ebook is much faster to receive. Our downloadable book will also help save our forests as we are not using paper!

I have a slow internet connection, will I have any problems?

You will not have any problems downloading the ebook with a slow connection but it will take longer. The videos will take a maximum of 3 minutes to start playing. In most cases they will take only a few seconds.

I downloaded the book fine but it will not open. What can I do?

First you should try re-downloading the file. Make sure you have the latest Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you have the file on your computer you can simply copy it to another computer and try on another computer. You can even email it to yourself and open it from another computer.

What is a PDF?

A pdf is a popular file type that is opened by Adobe Reader. This is the format that the Earth4Energy book is in.

Is Adobe Reader free?

Yes Adobe Reader is a free download. You will be able to download this from the Earth4Energy members area.

Is the cost of the Earth4Energy manual included in the $200 to make the solar/wind generator?

Actually, with the information I am providing in my manual you can make your energy generator for much less than this amount. The wind generator can be made for as little as $100 and the solar generator about $150!

Can I use the Earth4Energy manual to make a 220V-240V system for places like Australia or Nigeria?

Yes. This complete system is virtually the same. The only thing you would need to do is get an inverter that puts out the larger 240V. You will learn more about inverter options in the Earth4Energy manual.

Will I learn how to wire the renewable power into my homes AC breaker panel?

Wiring your own power into the AC breaker panel is very dangerous and is illegal unless it is done by a qualified electrician. You can save a lot of power by running items straight from your inverter but if you must bring the power into the home AC breaker panel than we recommend you contact a local electrician.

Where do I find the parts to build the wind and solar panels?

You will be able to find most of the parts at your local hardware store. We also give you a few great tips on getting your batteries and panels for free.

Can I power my whole home with just a $200 system?

The solar power system that you can make for $200 is our portable model and this will not produce enough energy to power a whole home. However, we have given instructions on how to build on this system by adding multiple solar panels and a larger battery bank/inverter. By expanding the smaller $200 system you can power much more of your homes energy needs.

How much power does the Earth4Energy windmill produce?

Our aim is to produce 500 watts of power by using blades that are 8 feet in diameter with wind speeds of 20 miles per hour. You can join multiple windmills together for more power. This is explained in the book.

How much power does the Earth4Energy solar panels produce?

Our manual provides instructions to build 100 watt panels and you also get the instructions so you can join multiple panels together to raise the output to 1000 watts +.

How long will it take to build the wind/solar generators?

Once you have the parts you should be able to build each of them in no more than a couple of days. This makes for a great weekend project.

I am scared about paying for things on the internet, is it safe?

Your payments are safe because we use Clickbank as our payment processor. This means we do not keep any of your card details on file and the transaction is performed on a secure server. You will see the hackersafe logo on Clickbank secure order form when you join.

I see lot's of other products that offer the same information. Why should I purchase the Earth4Energy manual and not one of the others?

Earth4Energy is the ORIGINAL manual for renewable energy at home. The Earth4Energy manual contains far more detailed information. In fact, some of the other books are 45 pages shorter than Earth4Energy but still charge the same price!

Can you send me the Earth4Energy book in the mail?

We can send you a CD in the mail. The CD contains the Earth4Energy manual and the 2 videos. First you must join the members area which is currently only $49.97. From the members area you can order the CD to be delivered to your door. The cost of the CD is $9.95 + postage and handling.

How can I contact you?

If the above FAQ does not answer your question you can contact me via:

admin AT earth4energy DOT com

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