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Thanks for visiting us at Earth4Energy. You've made a wise choice and are on the road to GREEN Energy Savings and HUGE Money Savings because you will learn how to produce you own electricity at home with either wind power, solar power or both forms of FREE energy combined. You can build a Home Solar Panel System or your very own Home Made Wind Generator or HomeMade Wind Turbines. The earth, wind and the sun provide more energy than we could ever possibly need, so why not use a small amount of it to make your own FREE Electricity? Why not get your electric energy free? Earth4Energy provides step by step instructions and the best ways to economically use multiple Electricity Alternatives to your lower monthly electric bills!

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Commonly Known as Solar Panels, Photovoltaic Cells (PV)

Can Earth 4 Energy Help?


Can you really make free electricity at home and reduce your power bill using Earth 4 Energy? Well... if you are able to use common hand tools and can follow our step by step guide, you bet you can!

Our 80+ page manual provides excellent information on home solar power and homemade solar panels. The Earth4Energy eBook also contains info on home wind generators and homemade wind turbines. It shows you how they work and  how you can create your own electricity generating powerplant by building and installing these devices yourself.

This comprehensive Earth4Energy guide is in the .pdf format for instant download that you can start using immediately. Learn where you can find all of the components you need to construct your systems for a fraction of the cost of having someone else install them for you.

Learn how YOU can create electricity at home and drastically reduce you power bill

Earth4Energy, What are the Benefits?


You will not only save money and produce your own FREE ELECTRICITY, but YOU will also be helping the Earth's environment by reducing the emissions that would have been pumped into the atmosphere to provide you with power the old way!

Think about it...YOU will help us all benefit by your choices today. If we want to save this beautiful planet, we will all need to start thinking and behaving differently than we have in the past.

With the information in the Earth4Energy manual, a Home Solar or Home Wind Turbine power system could even be built which produces more electricity than you use. At this point, the meter begins turning backward & the power company is actually buying that surplus from you in the form of credits. How's that for thinking green?

It's finally time to get ahead of the game and put the fantastic information Earth4Energy provides to good use. You'll be glad you did!


Commonly Known as Windmills, Wind Generators, Wind Turbines

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